Top 10 questions on selling your vehicle:

1. How much is my vehicle worth?

We takes pride in maximizing the value of your vehicle and offers you a FREE, no-obligation vehicle valuation based on your vehicle’s year/make/model/kilometres and overall condition. Vehicle valuations are based on current market data obtained through our extensive industry relationships.

2. How quickly can I sell my vehicle?

A certified inspector will come out to inspect your car. We do all the work including inspections, paperwork, plate removal and insurance cancellation! We will then make you an offer. If you accept, we will happily pay you in full on the same day!

3. Do I need to make an appointment?

One of our friendly personal ride inspectors in your area will contact you -once you submit an online valuation request on our website to arrange a suitable time for your free (no obligation) vehicle inspection.

4. Do you buy Financed or Leased vehicles?

We also purchases financed or leased vehicles and can arrange to pay the outstanding amount as part of the inspection process.

5. How do I get paid?

Once an inspector has completed the process and you have agreed on the fair assessment, they will issue you a corporate cheque on the same day, and you’re done! We will arrange pickup of the car, and you can use the funds to pay off other debts, take a vacation, or whatever you wish!

6. What paperwork do you need?

There are a few documents required to complete the process:

  1. Proof of ownership (original registration / certificate of title if applicable)
  2. Drivers license or other proper government-issued ID (such as your passport)
  3. Lien release or payout amount if your vehicle is leased or financed (issued by your lender along with account number) – this amount will be deducted from the value and paid out by a separate cheque to the lienholder.

7. My dealer offered me a trade-in value – is it worth my time?

It depends. When trading in, you usually get one sales manager’s opinion on what they think your vehicle is worth.

8. Why sell my vehicle through Carben Auto?

We offers you the quickest way to sell your vehicle. You get paid instantly! We maximize your vehicle’s value. We achieve this by maintaining low operating costs, by not maintaining inventory and remarketing all vehicles through numerous national sales outlets, wholesalers, auctions, and exporters. This multiple-bid process allows us to maximize your vehicle’s value – so everyone wins!

9. Is a private sale more profitable?

Not always, and you never know who will show up at your door. It can be a scary experience for many sellers! Private buyers are looking for deals and are often low ballers, tire-kickers, and bargain-hunters. The questions to really ask yourself is, are you comfortable dealing with strangers? Are you a salesperson? How do you know if they can afford to pay you in the first place? …And above all, how safe or secure do you feel dealing with strangers?

10. Are there any upfront costs to me?

Absolutely not – a certified inspector will come to your door, and will happily offer you a free inspection with full payment made the same day! Give it a try by going to the homepage to fill out our no-obligation free valuation form!